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Homeowners Against Land Taking- PennEast, is a non-profit organization formed by property owners who are impacted by the proposed pipeline. We are ordinary homeowners, farmers, business people, and residents of the towns who have much to lose if this pipeline is built.
To take on this challenge, HALT PennEast has a singular goal and focused approach.
The goal is simple, and it’s right there in the name: to HALT PennEast!

Not reroute it, not change it, but to stop it cold. HALT PennEast is not here to negotiate. We are here to prevent this from happening.

  As impacted landowners we have a unique voice on this issue. We are pitting our homes, businesses, our farms, our dreams, and the safety of ourselves and our families directly against this billion dollar industry conglomerate. There is a lot at stake for HALT members and our communities, and these high stakes have given us a relentless drive to stop this unneeded, unwanted and harmful initiative. We will not let them survey our land. We will not accept their financial offers to give up our land and our rights. We are taking aggressive and collective legal action to prove our case. This is far from a done deal!​.

PennEast pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries

   Our approach is equally simple. We are pooling resources together and have hired a world-
class legal team. That team will create and implement a multi -point legal strategy to stop the pipeline. Heading that team is lead attorney, Steve Richardson from Wiley Rein.
Steve is a seasoned leader in the field of complex regulatory and environmental law, and his firm is a highly respected, well-known, and successful top-tier Washington D.C. firm. The depth and breadth that Steve and Wiley Rein bring to this fight cannot be overstated.
This is where contributions to HALT are going - to directly to fund the legal strategy and its implementation. At FERC, at NJDEP, at every agency and every courtroom you can find, the HALT legal team will be there to face PennEast down.
We all know there is no need for this pipeline project. There will be no benefit to any of us in the towns this project proposes to cross through. The environmental, cultural, historical, social, and personal costs to the region will be appalling. This project must be stopped. The members of HALT know in our hearts that it can be stopped, and we thank everyone here who has already fought so long and hard against it.
Our solidarity is our strength, and together this fight can be won.

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Halt is collecting first hand reports of trespassing or aerial surveying.
If you've experienced PennEast's surveyors or any of their agents trespassing on your property or aerial surveying, please contact Susan Meacham to provide police reports,
video/photos of the perpetrators actually trespassing that show proximity
to your property or house and for aerial, a picture of the tail of the plane that clearly shows the numbers. Provide details such as date, time, content of conversation, names of trespassers;​ as much detail as possible.

To find out how you can contribute and learn more, please visit or email [email protected]  

Eminent Domain May Be Good For You

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Pipeline Corporations will threaten taking of your property by Eminent Domain, also known as takings or condemnation.
The threat of eminent domain is scary. That’s why the pipeline corporations threaten people with eminent domain.
They also know if it’s scary enough that people will quickly sign on the dotted line and not read or understand the easement.
When you force Eminent Domain:
• YOU retain YOUR right to sue. YOU preserve YOUR right to sue in a class action for a taking of YOUR land

• YOU are not liable or responsible for problems or damages that may occur

• Pipeline corporation is solely liable and responsible

• YOU cannot be named as a defendant in a lawsuit

• NO “Co-location” of more pipelines or utilities is


• ONLY the original fuel or liquid type is allowed. Pipeline use cannot be converted to carry other fuels or liquids

• YOU still receive financial compensation

• The pipeline may be relocated to avoid YOUR property

• If enough people force Eminent Domain the project may be canceled or relocated


When voluntarily granting a pipeline easement:

YOU give away YOUR right to sue the pipeline company.
• YOU enter into a business deal with unknown future liabilities.
• YOU may have continuing extra insurance expense.
• YOUR mortgage or refinance options may be jeopardized
• YOU may become a defendant in a lawsuit
• Additional Pipelines or utilities may be “Co-Located” on the easement without further compensation or permissions
• Pipelines for one type of fossil fuels may be converted for transport of other fuels or liquids.
PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
DTCAP urges all impacted landowners to contact an attorney or contact HALT at [email protected]
for more information .


It's a history, a family, a business & a way of life.