Delaware Township Citizens Against the Pipeline
Every township along the route has passed a 
resolution against the PennEast pipeline project. 
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Urgent Action 
 New Action Items Added
Issued on 9-3-16

1) Send an Auto Generated letter to the GAO about FERC

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Most of you have probably received this piece of trash in the mail recently.

Let's just dissect this piece of propaganda.

1) Communites will see MORE open spaces.
What they don't say is that more open spaces will actually be your state parks and forest they plan to decimate.

2)Open Space returns to open space.
It's been documented that this never truly happens in any pipeline project. The vegetation is never restore and the pipeline companies will no longer care after their pipe is in the ground. Also, it falsely states the pipe will be buried four feet under ground. In actualility i according to their own documents, it will only be buried between 18 inches to 3 ft under ground.

3) Lower Energy Cost.
Pipeline companies ask the rate council if they can raise ratepayers rate to absorb the cost of building a pipeline. If THIS new pipeline causes an existing pipeline (TRANSCO) to lose money, the existing company is allowed to raise their rates to compensate their losses.
Luckly, the NJ Rate Council submitted to the FERC docket that they feel the PennEast  project is not needed, and is for pure profit for their shareholders.

4) PennEast runs Adjacent to Existing Powerlines to Reduce Impacts.
 That drastically minimizes the need for tree cutting.
This is a blanted lie. They can not put the pipeline near the powerlines so a brand new 150'-200' ROW clearing will be needed as they run along the same path as the powerlines. Take a look at their own plan for Baldpate Mountain. Click Here.
To view the Maps of the total devastation along the entire route, visit PipeInfo.org
 The 45 day comment period for the DEIS  has ended.
And everyone, including important Agencies agreed it is PATHETIC.
The EPA -rates the DEIS as EO-2 (Environmental Objections Level 2)- basically it's really bad and we are going to make you change the route. 
The NJ Rate Cousel -states the DEIS  does not address the "need" for the project and the project appears to be driven more for the search for higher returns on investment than any actual deficiency in gas supply or pipeline capacity to transport it.​ Looks like the parent companies wont be getting a rate hike approval to cover the cost of the construction of the pipeline.
The​ Delaware Riverkeeper -files comments & export reports challenging FERC DEIS on PennEast as false, misleading, deficient and failing to comply with the mandates of the law.​ Their comment was more pages the entire DEIS was.
The NJDEP -files that PennEast is still missing too much information. PennEast still needs to do 2 years of Phase II Cooperhead Surveys. PennEast has only completed Phase 1.
The US Fish and Wildlife -tells PennEast that bat studies should be completed before the final EIS is issued. That would mean that the final could not be released until after next summer. They also refuse to accept FERC's request that the DEIS serve as Biological Assessment for endangered species. They are recommending PennEast move the route. AND, that they HDD (Horizontal Directional Drill) EVERY
C1 stream. PennEast is planning on trenching except for a few.
The US Department of the Interior -tells PennEast and FERC that the DEIS is unexceptable and they feel the project has no need. 
Every township along the route  filed comments against PennEast as well as their township CAPS.

Click HERE to read DTCAP's comment to FERC about the DEIS.
You can still file comments to the docket 
Visit our DEIS comment idea page for facts and bullet points for letter writing.
Thanks to everyone who filed a comment. There were close to 5,000 individual comments made during the 45 day period. On the last day alone, more than 700 comments were filed, and that's not counting close to 2000 individual signed letters filed by DTCAP and Holland Twsp CAP on behalf of citizens.   
A special thanks to Mia and NJCF for drafting these comment letters.
The Road Show- Summer of Events
Sergeantsville Farmers Market-
Delaware Township Community Day-
Kingwood Day-
Milford Live-

The Road Show's second stop of the season- Hunterdon County Community Day 6-5-16.  ( What's the road show? )
Read full Story
A special Thank You to all of the volunteers, who donated their time and resources that made these events possible. DTCAP working with Holland CAP, Kingwood CAP and Alexandria CAP, and the citizens of the communites helped us file over two thousand concerned citizen comments to the FERC docket. 
Milford Alive
Thank you Peter Jacob for your continued support with our fight against PennEast
Peter Jacob is the Democratic Congressional canidate running for District 7 against Leonard Lance. Peter always takes the time to stop by and show his support at events that we have been involved in.

Some of our photos below of the summer events.
  1. PennEast Pipeline
  2. The PennEast pipeline
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. PennEast
  6. Managing Director
  7. Stop PennEast
  8. PennEast Pipeline
  9. Stop PennEast
  10. Managing Director
  11. PennEast
  12. Managing Director


Events Calendar

 The Walk Along The Canal- October 8th 2016
Boro Park 402 Easton Road, Reigelsville, PA
Park & Ride- Shuttle will run 8:30-9:45

The 2 Mile Walk starts promptly at 10AM

Festivites include: Drum Circle * Speakers * Food * Vendors
and a 
Celebration of Community

​Visit the Events page for future events, and calendar for events this month.
FERC PennEast Hearings

On August 17 FERC held one of six public hearings for the proposed PennEast Pipeline draft EIS.

FERC is facing harsh criticism for the hearing format that limit the amount of time the public can testify and ban video recording of the meeting.

Citizens,Environmental groups and lawmakers discussed the so called "faux hearings" at a press conference before the hearing began.

Senator Shirley Turner's Excellent Submission
Sentator Turner of District 15 has always provided strong, consistent  support to the community against the PennEast Pipeline.

Thank you Senator Turner!
Click the submission on the left to view it larger or
click here   for the ferc submission.
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Action Items

Maps Routes-Twsp  

Defined action items developed by your friendly neighborhood CAP organizations as well as other NGOs; action items you can help with in our fight against the pipeline.   
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Stay on top of the latest PennEast Route Changes
  • Property Construction Maps
  • Wetland Survey Maps         
Check if PennEast surveyed your property without permission.
Think Twice 
Some businesses that you may not want to patronize.
PennEast Pipeline
PennEast Pipeline, Blue Moutain Resort
Cock N' Bull Restuarant in Peddlers Village PA- 
Management would not let the Riverkeeper to rent a room for concerned citizens- due to "conflict of interest".
Management seems to side with the FEDs instead of the locals that live, shop, eat and support places like
Peddlers Village.
Blue Mountain Resort in Palemerton PA
The resort supports the PennEast Pipeline, after PennEast offered the resort with a free pipeline connecting instead of them paying to connect to an existing one. 
Stop PennEast
Home Owners Against Landtaking

Impacted & abutting property owners ban
together and hire
Wiley Rein, a large Washington, D.C., law firm specializing in government regulation.

Learn More
Our Legislators
Communicating with our Government Representatives
It is vitally important that we keep our representives in touch with our concerns and developments about the PennEast project. Our vocal opposition over the past year has been highly successful in motivating our representitives to act by writing letters to the FERC, testifying at scoping meetings and meeting with towns and citizens.

We have some great wins lately.  Make sure to check them out. 

& Facts

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Some things that make you say Hmmm???

Some good news and wins in our continuing fight.   "Things get better by change, not by chance"

And lastly, read about the untruths and misinformation issued by PennEast and read about how they've been dispelled.
Marcellus Shale Coalition says we need pipelines so we can raise the price of gas
Our Allies
Meet our NGO friends fighting along our side.
And other townships Citizens Against the Pipeline and organizations.
In this section, you will find the latest news from our Allies.
Another Pipeline Fight

DTCAP was contacted by pipeline fighters of the Dakota Access Pipeline

Please take a moment and visit thier website ​ Sacred Stone Camp.org
Their fight is similar to ours, with the Dakota Access Pipeline(DAPL)  using eminent domain to take tribal lands.  
The DAPL, also known as the Bakken Pipeline, is proposed to transport 450,000 barrels of crude oil per day (which is fracked and highy volatile) from the Bakken fields of North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois.
​​​​Dakota Access has failed to consult with tribes and conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
If you think there’s nothing you can do to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, think again.
Stop PennEast: The public speaks out against PennEast and the use of Eminent Domain.
Video clips courtesy of ReThinkEnergyNJ.org
The best kind of energy is energy we don’t use. Energy efficiency is one of the best ways our state can reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, reduce emissions and save money.
For decades, Americans have been reducing their use of electricity. Energy efficiency measures – including updated building codes, demand response programs, energy efficiency standards for appliances and the use of low energy light bulbs – have led to a dramatic decline in electricity usage.