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The route changes AGAIN....

The route changes AGAIN....

J an 20 2016- Seems like PennEast just can't find a route. Some route changes were recently released. It just goes to show you how much they rushed the process and how little they know of the area. The changes are not minor deviations along the path, but major changes that now results in more newly impacted landowners. Holland Twsp, and Kingwood Twsp have had some major changes, while the route in Delaware Twsp is unchanged.
On Feb 23 2016, PE filed route changes AGAIN. This time Delaware Twsp is affected by Alexuaken Creek. Its almost like they are just looking for properties where owners might give them permission! 
  PennEast in the News

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PennEast Made Me Do it:
​Why my Family & I Moved to Solar Energy.
Huffington Post Blog 
By Joy E Stocke

June 25 2016
Our pie-in-the-solar-sky chatter turned serious on August 12, 2014, when a consortium of 6 companies including utility giants Houston-based Spectra Energies, United Gas Industries, Atlanta-based AGL Resources, Long Island-based Public Service Enterprise Group, South Jersey Industries (SJI Midstream), and New Jersey Resources Pipeline Company, formed a Limited Liability Corporation that became the PennEast Pipeline Co. and announced that they would be building a 36-inch - three foot diameter pipeline to transport fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania across open space, through organic farms, a township solar field, historic districts, tax-payer preserved open space, wetlands, pristine C-1 streams, and crossing beneath the Delaware River on its 108 mile journey to a connector station just outside Princeton.

PennEast in a Tailspin
June 9  2016
PennEast Pipeline In A Tailspin Of Delay And Uncertainty As Opposition By Legislators, Regulators, And The Public Grows
Multiple Gas Pipelines in the U.S. Halted as Difficulties Abound for Beleaguered Fossil Fuel Projects.

Stop the PennEast Pipeline

Mayors Rally in DC- May 11 2016

Mayors from New Jersey's Hunterdon & Mercer Counties, along with NJCF, ReThinkEnergyNJ and the StoneyBrook Millstone Watershed Association traveled to meet with the FERC to hand deliver 9,000 signatures protesting the proposed PennEast Pipeline, as well as meet with other government agencies & legislators.

PA DEP states PennEast application incomplete
Pennsylvia's Department of Environmental Protection reviews PennEast application
​and determines it to be incomplete.

Pennsylvia Department of Environmental Protection
gaves PennEast 60 days to complete the list of missing from the submission or DEP will consider the application withdrawn.
DEP sends PennEast a list of missing items from the application.
Read DEP Letter
PennEast Sued By HALT PennEast & NJCF 
for trespassing on preserved and private land.
PennEast a private of profit NON-utility company gets sued for trespassing.
HALT PennEast coverage

HALT PennEast impacted homeowners filed a verified complaint in New Jersey Superior Court today.
Full Story
NJ.Com Coverage

Lawsuit says PennEast illegally surveying residents' property
Full Story
NJCF Coverage

NJ Conservation Foundation joined HALT PennEast and several individual homeowners in suing the PennEast pipeline company.
Full Story
PennEast delayed
7 months
March 30 2016
The FERC has set Dec. 16, 2016 for issuing a notice of availability of the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and March 16, 2017, for the deadline for a federal decision on authorization. Delaying PennEast at least 7 months.
Read Filing
FERC releases Notice of Schedule for EIS
March 29 2016
The FERC released the Notice of schedule for Enivornmental Impact Statement. 

Schedule for Environmental Review 
    Issuance of Notice of Availability of the final EIS:       December 16, 2016
    90-day Federal Authorization Decision Deadline:                March 16, 2017

Looks like PennEast did not get the date they had hoped for, delaying the project for several months! 
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PennEast Files to FERC about citizens complaints
From trespassing to aerial surveys
March 11 2016
PennEast filing to Ferc in response to numerous citizens writing in about western landservice agents trespassing and the aerial fly overs along the route. As we all come to learn, anytime PennEast comments, most statements have been a misrepresentation. Spokeswoman Patricia Kornick once reported that PennEast does not do aerial surveys, yet the FAA records state that they have. One of our township officials who contacted PennEast about the aerial surveys was told that PennEast only did only one flyer, and few days later they called back and added additional flyover incidents. Clearly they are feeling the pressure from all who have commented. 
Read Filing
Stop the PennEast Pipeline

Is PennEast really ​Needed? - June 18

Opponents ask FEDs to force PennEast to prove need.

PennEast does it AGAIN...
Another Reroute- A game of pin the route on a new landowner in hopes they say yes...
2-23-16 ​Once again PennEast has filed more major route changes. Five months after filing the application PennEast has had two major route changes affecting a whole new group of landowners, who have not been provided any scoping period to address their concerns. 
Delaware Twsp Reroute
​Maybe they are just looking for someone in NJ that will let their project on their land. Click below for the rerouted map. Property  construction maps can be found on the Resources Page. 

RIP your Easment Agreement 

Febuary 12 2016 - Press Release

Landowners in communities along the PennEast pipeline route gathered to rip up PennEast's easement agreement and stood united to tell PennEast to go home. The event took place in four different locations; three in PA, and one in NJ (See coverage to the right).
Bethlehem PA
Luzerne County PA
Jim Thorpe, PA
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  2. What is the PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
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  4. What is the PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
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  8.  PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
  9. What is the PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
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PA coverage
NJ Coverage
And the Lies continue
FAA confirms PE has conducted aerial surveys despite the companys's public denial of doing so.
After numerous complaints filed with the The Federal Aviation Administrion (FAA), the FAA confirmed that PennEast has conducted  aerial surveys despite the company's public denial of doing so.
These low flying planes and helicopters have become a danger and nuisance to the community. Communites have filed complaints  with the FAA that these frequent, low flying aircraft has been spooking livestock and disturbing the peace.
Febuary 4 2016-Press Release

HALT - In the News 

Febuary 5 2016 - Press Release

PennEast sent out Right Of Way agreements to some landowners.
Without legal counsel, this is some of what you could be in for:
The agreement states PennEast would have unlimited access to survey your  land, sell your easement, and for perpetuity, have carte blanch to the right of way, which can be nearly 200 feet wide and within 19 feet of some houses.
Landowner's  sign this right of way agreement in exchange for a one time fee. They can sell the right of way without your consent and sell it to a completely different company, 
"The letters say nothing about lawyers. If you like the agreement sign here, here and here."
Wiley Rein represents HALT PennEast
in effort to Stop the PennEast pipeline.
Commenting on the launch of HALT PennEast, Mr. Richardson said: “Given the unprecedented level of energy infrastructure development that is occurring across the United States, it now is more important than ever that natural gas pipeline companies engage with the communities in which they propose to operate in a respectful, informative, and clear manner. HALT PennEast was created, in part, because PennEast has utterly failed to treat landowners fairly or respectfully.”
Archived News-
PA biggest Gas Driller stops drilling in Marcellus & Utica shale regions.
Find more stories regarding the PennEast pipeline project along with other natural gas industry stories in the news.
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