Delaware Riverkeeper -Citizen Actions Needed

The riverkeeper has provided three easy ways to help in the fight against the PennEast pipeline. 

Support an independent investigation into the abuse of process and law by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
Join over 200 organizations and over 2000 individuals that have joined the call for an independent investigation by the Government Accountability Office into the blatant bias and abuses of FERC.  Click here to read the article on NJ Spotlight.
Sign the Petition to Request Government Accountability Investigation:

If you are the leader of an organization concerned about the abuse of power at FERC, you can sign on to our organizational sign on letter 

If you are an individual that wants to join the call, please sign our petition

Send a letter to the NJDEP urging them to deny 401 Water Quality Certification. Cut and paste the letter, fill in your information and email to Dr. Foster at the NJDEP. 
Letter to send
[email protected]
Ask DRBC to hold Independent hearings on PennEast 
Tell the Delaware River Basin Commission You Want Them To Hold 7 Independent Hearings to Give the Public a Fair Chance to Be Heard.
Sign our Petition today and join your voice with thousands of others to defend our friends and neighbors in our watershed:  
People facing the cuts of the PennEast pipeline across their communities, properties and environments need your signature on a petition calling for the Delaware River Basin Commission to hold 7 hearings, separate from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, across the length of the 114 mile pipeline. 
7 DRBC hearings means a hearing every 10 to 20 miles of pipeline. This means greater accessibility and less travel time for those that will be affected. It means less cars on the road and less fossil fuels burned. 
7 DRBC hearings means less chance of time running out and people being turned away without ever getting the chance to speak, as happened at the limited set of scoping hearings FERC held. 
From a substantive and procedural perspective 7 DRBC-only hearings are more valuable to the decision makers at DRBC and to the public. 
Without 7 separate DRBC hearings along the length of the proposed pipeline route, the communities most directly affected by PennEast will likely be relegated to a mere 2 to 3 minutes in just a few hearings scheduled at distant locations.  The last time FERC held hearings, people were turned away without the opportunity to testify because so few hearings and so little time was granted.
Mission   Accomplished
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