Delaware Township Citizens Against the Pipeline
Every township along the route has passed a 
resolution against the PennEast pipeline project. 
The FERC Releases the DEIS-and it's PATHETIC.
The Draft Environmental Impact Statement was released on Friday July 22
The DEIS is a NEPA document that FERC is required by to create by law.
NEPA is National Environmental Policy Act.
FERC states that with proper mitigation this project with have no harmful effects on the community or environment. When chunks of the information is missing from PennEast.

We have only have 45 days to comment- that means Sept 12 is the deadline to comment.
Anyone can comment- you do not have to be an interenor to comment. 
You can still intervene with whats called intervene out-of-time.
  The comments to the DEIS forms the legal record for objections to the project, and so we urge everyone to comment .
  Meet with Experts for writing successful comments
 Comment Writing Workshops for DEIS

Monday August 15, 7-9pm Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association 31 Titus Mill Rd. Hopewell NJ
There will be multiple stations with experts on different topics to help you in writing comments to file to FERC during this time sensitive DEIS comment period.

PUBLIC HEARING - Submit your comment to a stenographer to put on record, at
Peddler's Village- Cock n' Bull Restaurant   (Upstairs-Lahaska and Neshaminy Rooms),
Routes 202 & 263, Lahaska, PA 19831
Wednesday, August 17, 6-10pm
Holiday Inn Clinton-Bridgewater ( Hunterdon Ballroom)
 111 W.Main St., Clinton, NJ 08809
Step By Step Filing Instructions
Click the button below for step by step instructions navigating you through the
FERC website so you can file an eComment.
Comment Facts and Bullet Points
The following instructions will help you use the tools provided below:

  •  Select one of the available concerns below
  • To provide your own comments:
    1. Review facts to develop your own personal comments for that concern.  We encourage the submission of separate comments for each concern.    
    2. Please cut and paste the format into "Word" on your computer.
    3. Add your name and state whether you are an intervener.
    4. Add your address in the appropriate space.
    5. Add your personal comments in the space after "In particular, I am concerned about." 
    6. Highlight the completed form and copy.
    7. Sign onto FERC through link available on each concern page (Step by Step Filing Instructions are available above).
    8. Paste into comments section on docket (See Step by Step Filing Instuctions).
  • If a sample letter is available, you can follow steps 3 - 9 above (copy sample letter instead on step 3).

These topics will continue to be updated as we work to add more tools and sample letters to help you construct comments of your own. You Can find the full DEIS at PipeInfo.org

  1. 0
    Withdraw Incomplete DEIS
    FERC needs to withdraw until PennEast provides missing info in DEIS. *Sample Letter


  2. 1
    Bedrock and other related concerns * DEIS Deficiencies * Sample Letters


  3. 2
    Wetland Concerns *DEIS Deficiencies *Sample Letter


  4. 3
    Vegetation & Wildlife
    Endangered Species and construction impacts. *DEIS Deficiencies *Key Comment Points *Sample Letter


  5. 4
    Cumulative Impacts
    How PE will be connecting with other pipelines. *DEIS Deficiencies *Key Comment Points *Sample Letter


  6. 5
    Air Quality & Noise
    Project impact on noise and emissions. *DEIS Deficiencies *Key Comment Points * Sample Letter


  7. 6
    Water Resources
    Water supply, wells, groundwater & springs. *DEIS Deficiencies *Key Comment Points *Sample Letter


  8. 7
    Land Use & Cultural Concerns
    Historic and recreational impacts. *DEIS Deficiencies *Key Comment Points *Sample Comment Letters


  9. 8
    Employment & Economy
    Impact to tourism. Abuse of Eminent Domain. *Key Comment Points *Sample Letter


  10. 9
    No Build Option/ Alternatives
    Alternatives *Key Comment Points *Sample Letter


  11. 10
    Safety issues. *Key Comment Points *Sample Letter


Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman
to introduce Bill

NJCF & ReThinkEnergyNJ sponsers Event

June 29, 2016 - Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman announced at a press event held at Baldpate Moutain, a new bill she is proposing to reform FERC.  The bill introduces logical, common sense process that ensures the proper and responsible approach that FERC should be taking so that no duplicative and damaging proposals like PennEast will ever be approved.  It is a move in the right direction to protect our quality of life that we deserve and worked hard for and protects the quality of life for the generations that come after us.

Colleagues Protecting the Enviroment

In attendence was also:
  • NJ League of Conservation Voters
  • StoneyBrook Millstone Watershed Association
  • Friends of Hopewell Valley Openspace
  • NJ Pace

Act of 2016
Safe and Accountable Federal Energy Review
for Pipelines Act of 2016

Click to View Bill in PDF form

Elected Officials & Township Officials
in attendence

  • Assembly Woman Liz Muoio
  • Hopewell Twsp Mayor Kevin Kuchinski
  • Bordentown Twsp Mayor Jill Popko
  • Kingwood Deputy Mayor Phil Lubitz
  • Chesterfield Twsp Comitteeman Alex Rosen

Citizens groups that were also in attendence.

  • HALT PennEast
  • Delaware Township Citizens Against the Pipeline
  • Hopewell Township Citizens Against the Pipeline
  • Hopewell Township Citizens Against the PennEast Pipeline
  • West Amwell Citizens Against the Pipeline

  • People Over Pipelines
  • North Jersey Pipeline Walkers
  • South Brunswick Residents against Gas Compressor​
Stop the PennEast Pipeline
Bonnie Watson Coleman
Liz Muir
HALT PennEast

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Home Owners Against Landtaking

Impacted & abutting property owners ban
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Wiley Rein, a large Washington, D.C., law firm specializing in government regulation.

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