The FERC Process

Docket # CP15-558

Once PennEast offically filed in September 2015, the docket number changes. The previous PF-(Pre Filing) docket number is closed out.
Any comments you may have made before Sept 2015- are not recognized.
If you filed a comment in the pre-filing stage, please re-file it under the new docket
# CP15-558. The process is the same, just
the docket number has changed.

The Industry has begun to flood the FERC with support post cards & letters. 

Check the Events page- to see where a comment workshop may be taking place. Many are held at different townships along the route. 

Check for writing workshops

Under the old docket number there was an unpresidented number of comments made against PennEast.
Once PennEast filed a formal application with the FERC
industry workers and I'm sure their family members have filed a huge number of comments to the FERC in support of this project. The thing is, none of these letters are from this area. They are coming from the shore, and north and south Jersey, no where near the proposed pipeline. Corporate boilerplate support letters from PSEG executives and workers, and other stakeholders in the project have become the norm.
This is where we can change that. If you are on sure or want ideas on what you can write, visit The Comment of the Week page.  You can cut and paste the document and add your info, and submit it to the FERC.
Forgot how to file? - follow the instructions on the right.
There was over 1400 people who signed up as interveners, if we all sent at least two comments, image what message that would send to the FERC.
If you have not signed up as an interverner, you can still try to. The FERC would have to approve the intervners status, but with the route still changing this far into the process, your odds of being accepted are greater.
What is an intervenor?
An intervenor is a person who reserves the right to object to a pipeline and to FERC's decisions.  An intervenor can also participate in (or bring) legal proceedings involving FERC and PennEast.  They are also accorded elevated attention in FERC's decision making process and final decision, and intervenor comments must be addressed in FERC's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and decisions.  
If you don't declare yourself as an intervenor, you can't challenge FERC, and they can ignore your comments.  You still have the right to comment as a non-intervenor, but FERC can choose to ignore your comments at will.
Most importantly, if FERC issues a decision that impacts you and you don't like it, YOU CAN ONLY EFFECTIVELY PROTEST IF YOU ARE AN INTERVENOR.  Non-intervenors are locked out of critical portions of the process.
Being an intervenor does not cost anything, involves no lawyers, and places no burden on you other than receiving more email on the project.

Anyone can submit a comment. You do not need to intervene to leave a comments. If you wish to intervene you must eRegister first.

How to comment without eRegistering

You will need to eRegister if you plan to intervene, or if you would like to recieve emails from the FERC about the PennEast Docket.

eRegister instructions

By intervening you are privy to some documents that people who only comment do not have.

Intervening instructions

below  you can find some excellent comments from other citizens.
Click the link- will take you to FERC site, then click blue link to read

Highlighted Submissions by others

No Demand for Gas

NJCF comment to FERC

Water Quality

While we all know FERC is not on our side, as they have never denied a pipeline since 1986. They did just deny a plan for LNG plant days after the Delaware Riverkeeper filed a lawsuit against them.
It is still important to comment as it creates
"A record" for the NEPA review process, which can open up the doors for future litigation if need be.