61 C1 Streams crossed

Waters protected from any changes in quality
because of their exceptional ecological, recreational, fisheries, and water supply significance.

And some good news
West Amwell files report to the FERC, about Lack of Purpose & Need 
4-26-16 Williams Twsp - another PA township passes resolution against PennEast 
The first LNG plant to begin exports this month is delayed and in financial trouble. 
4-25-16 Delaware River Basin Commission listens to public outcry and writes to FERC requesting independant hearings from FERC. 
Environmental Law expert testifies before the US House Of Representives. 
​4-22-16 After years of fighting & delays the Constitution Pipeline gets DENIED. NYDEC denies Water Quality Certificates needed by pipeline delevopers.
District 15 legislators Write to Delaware River Basin Commission to request multiple & seperate hearings in township along the route. 
​4-19-16 KinderMorgan Scraps 3 Billion dollar New England Pipeline do to  Lack Of Need.
Federal & State lawmakers call for the review of the proposed PennEast pipeline to be halted after questions posed by federal regulators have gone unanswered.
Alexandria Twsp forms a Citizens Against the Pipeline organization.With PennEast's latest reroute- Alexandria Twsp went from 3 impacted properties to dozens of impacted landowners. More landowners now denying access and joining the fight.
Lower Saucon Township does not authorize PennEast to preform proposed testing as road ROW is privately owned. Property owners have ownership to middle of the road.​
Skipping Stone, an energy markets consulting firm, does analysis of public benifit of PennEast
Weak public benifit but strong financial incentives.    
FERC denies LNG plant. A first for FERC. Comes after Delaware Riverkeeper files lawsuit against FERC. It also states it failed to secure easements from 95% of the impacted landowners.
Delaware Riverkeeper, Environment New Jersey, Clean Water Action, NJ Sierra Club,
The Sourland Conservancy, the township CAPs and Halt send NJDEP a letter-
The PennEast Pipeline does not meet the requirements for a NJ 401 Certification pursuant to the Clean Water Act.

Over 70% of NJ residents have denied access.
  • 540 acres of preserved farmland
  • 25 acres of open space- with our tax dollars
  • 166 acres of wetlands
  • 92 acres of historic properties
  • 231 acres of state parks
  • 60 acres of state parks in PA
  • 290 acres of game lands
  • 1203 acres of Natural Heritage priority landscape
  • 108 streams total
  • 11 acres NJDEP Tier 1 Well Head Protection Areas​
Numerous Board of Health in different townships have passed resolutions against the proposed PennEast pipeline deeming the project as a public health risk.
Some other Facts
  1. President & CEO of NJ Chamber of Commerce
    Thomas Bracken is on the Board of Directors of South Jersey Industies $SJI- one of PennEast's Parent companies.
  2. President of Back Mountain-
    Chamber of Commerce in Dallas PA is an employee of UGI corporation. Another Parent company of PennEast.
  3. Blue Mountain Resort wants
    PennEast to build them a connection, rather then them connecting to an existing pipeline. Think about that before you plan a trip there.
  4. AmeriGas is part of UGI Corp.
    They are Home Depot's supplier of Barbeque propane tanks. Recommend using Blue Rhino instead.
  5. Thinking of going Solar? Don't go with NRG.
    They support the PennEast pipeline project.
PennEast Pipeline

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