PennEast Pipeline
PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy
PennEast Pipeline, PSEG, UGI, AGI Resources, NJR Pipeline Company, South Jersey Industries, Spectra Energy

The Road Show

Here some stops that has been happening around our community.

The PennEast Pipeline

Sergeantsville Farmers Market 

Saturdays during the Summer-

You'll find us there, from 9-12am.
Stop by and pick up some information, yard signs, and tools to help to make comments.

DTCAP goes to Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman

Press event for the introduction of a new Bill-S.A.F.E.R.

Read the full story here

Hunterdon County Community Day- June 5 2016

This year's Hunterdon County Community Day was an opportunity for us to educate the public regarding the truth about the destructive impact of PennEast.  Set up between the Green Energy Booth and Republican Candidate for Congress, Craig Heard's booth, was a perfect location. We were delighted to hear Craig Heard's (R) opposition to the PennEast Project. He came over as we were setting up to take a photo and collected some of our informational materials.

Another congressional candidate, Peter Jacob (D) also stopped by to speak with us and to show support for our efforts in our fight against PennEast.

Both candidates are running for Congress District 7 against Leonard Lance. 

We heard Lance was at the event, but didn't bother to stop by.   We had hoped we would have had the opportunity to ask him about his vote to give FERC more authority to fast track pipeline projects.  

To all that volunteered their time doing outreach throughout the day:
Arianne from PA, Ed from Hopewell, TC, Charlotte, Debbie and John from Delaware Twp, John from Kingwood and our newest members Jacquelyn, Bernice and Frank, all from Alexandria Township. 


The Road Show at Shad Fest
On the morning of April 30, 2016, a booth located between custom jewelry and home made soaps was beginning to set-up.  Before set up was completed, passers-by were entering the canopy and asking questions.  Our morning volunteers, Susan, Lorraine from Holland Township, and Debbie, TC, Marty, and Charles from Delaware Township were entertaining questions about the pipeline and handing out information about PennEast and the organizations represented by the exhibit while still setting up the booth.  This is the first event for the Road Show in 2016 and it was a huge success!

The booth was originally reserved by Mary, owner of Stockton Carriage Tours.  A special thanks to Mary; without her generosity, DTCAP, HALT, ReThinkEnergyNJ and volunteers representing other CAP organizations wouldn't have had a presence at the festival.  
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  11. On the road again

Leading up to this day, plenty of activities took place around ensuring relevant and up-to-date materials were available along with brochures, business cards, HALT t-shirts, CAP cinch sacks, and ReThinkEnergyNJ solar LED keychains.

The following are some accounts from volunteers at the event:

 "Homeowners (HALT), businesses (Stockton Carriage Tours ), and all the CAPs with the DTCAP Road Show, stood UNITED today.  Every single person has remarkable passion and commitment to  stop PennEast.  Thank you everyone!!!" - Maureen -Kingwood CAP/HALTPennEast

 "Shad Fest was my 7th festival on behalf of CAP and our work to STOP PennEast since we began our efforts just about two years ago.  We've definitely come a long way, baby.  What I have learned from these events is that there is always a way to discuss PennEast with anyone; no matter what their point-of-view when they walk up, and even if the only reason they are walking up is to have an argument.  This project is bad for everybody and there's always a way in to speak to that." -Lorraine- Holland CAP

"My experience at the shad fest was very uplifting.  So many people are so against the pipeline and people who didn’t know about it or were on the fence left the booth on our side…  That was great!  I watched people as we (the landowners) shared our stories and people were truly touched and moved to do something.  I think that HALT members sharing their stories in public venues so people can look at us and see themselves in us and realize that the same thing could happen to them has a lot of impact."- TC -HALTPennEast/DTCAP member

"I was glad to have the opportunity to work at the shad festival and spread the word about HALT and our message. I was surprised at the number of people from NY and far north Jersey who knew about the pipeline and were sympathetic to our cause. -Bernedette- HALTPennEast

"About 50 people stopped by in the 2 1/2 hours I was in the booth. Their opposition to the pipeline was very strong, as was the support for HALT's efforts.  One person started off expressing his support of pipelines, in general. After listening to our concerns he wouldn't favor this one - the proposed PennEast Pipeline. Major drawing card was the map titled "Are you in the blast zone"? Mostly, I was touched by the volunteer homeowners, our neighbors, who were out there swinging away, sharing their passion and engaging people around their particular concerns. Quite organized! Quite remarkable! Quite inspiring!" - Vince - HALTPennEast

"The level of interest and needing to know facts about pipelines and PennEast increases in every Road Show event and to see such a high level of interest in the first event of the year is truly encouraging!  It is rewarding to see how 2 years of grassroots efforts by the CAPS have brought awareness to the community; a perfect foundation to build upon.  This is quite a huge contrast to when we first started the Road Show.   As we move forward in defeating PennEast, we are proud to work among such dedicated, intelligent and beautiful people representing all CAPs and HALT!" - Charles - DTCAP

Thank You to ALL the volunteers for your time and efforts. You all made the day a great success!!!