from PA and NJ Legislators convinced by industry lobbyists
New Jersey Conservation Foundation launched an online drive to generate 1,000 letters to federal and state legislators in opposition to PennEast: Go to link to send an auto generated letter to legislators.
There have been numerous letters of support for PennEast from both PA and NJ legislators sent to FERC lately, so we'll really need to turn this around and generate some letters of opposition. The industry and their lobbyists are clearly behind this.
Or you can send a letter yourself if you
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Help us with the fight against PennEast.
Below we have provide you with a sample letter to Congressman Lance. Feel free to use the letter, of you wish.

You can also click on the printable PDF to print the letter and mail in.
 This is useful if your neighbors do not have​ computer access,
but want to get involved.
A Letter to Congressman Lance

Please feel free to cut and paste the letter below to email to Congressman Lance. Click on the PDF button to get a printable PDF the can be mailed in. You can print up a few for your neighbors that may not use computers, for them to date, sign, and mail to Congressman Lance.

Printable PDF
The Honorable Leonard Lance
361 Route 31 Unit 1400
Flemington, NJ 08822

RE:  Opposition to the PennEast Pipeline

Dear Congressman Lance:

Thank you so much for your help in opposing the PennEast project, but we need your help to stop the ridiculous endorsements that other legislators are putting on the FERC docket for this project (CP15-558-000).  
Senator Steven Oroho, Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus and Assemblyman Parker Space (24th District) penned a glowing support of this proposed pipeline, dated March 22nd, which was simply a listing of the misleading talking points PennEast keeps pushing - we could have saved millions during 2013 and 2014, it would support 12,160 jobs, makes clean energy affordable, millions in tax revenues, it's so safe, blah blah blah. I feel virtually certain that PennEast is panicked about the significant delays to date, and so directly solicited the comments of these legislators (in non-affected counties!!!) to try and counter the overwhelming truth that this project is NOT necessary.  I can only imagine what enticements they offered these legislators. None of the 24th district legislators' comments had to do with environmental concerns, the fact that UGI's safety record is abysmal, the very likely jeopardy of public water for millions, the very likely ruination of well water for rural residents due to arsenic, the costs to municipalities for road work from the heavy equipment, and the property damage from flooding due to cleared rights of way.  Those are just some of the issues you know we residents have done our homework about, and have commented about on the FERC docket. I am writing to the 24th district legislators directly to tell them how reprehensible their one-sided endorsement is, but we need your help to figure how to get our message of the real detriments this project would pose to these legislators who are putting their political aspirations before the health and safety of their constituents.  You, Senator Bateman, Congresswoman Coleman, Senator Booker, our freeholders and others in these affected districts know what we're up against, and I cannot tell you how strengthening it is to know you are supporting our efforts in this fight.  It makes all the difference, and we sincerely thank you for standing with us against the self-serving corporate greed that is PennEast. If you can help us figure out how to change the minds of those who apparently are so enamored of PennEast, we would be glad to listen. Many thanks.


Lance's Email
(his Aide's email)